Researching Plus GmbH began as a startup from University Düsseldorf(HHU). Leveraging a broad network within academia and business platforms, we serve as a bridge between Japan and Germany/Europe, addressing various requests and needs.

Services Offered:

  • Support for business collaborations and open innovation between Japanese and German/European companies.
  • Educational curriculum planning and execution for Japanese students traveling to Germany/Europe.
  • Support for Japanese companies entering the German/European market (market research, setup, partner search).

Strengths of Researching Plus

Extensive Local Network:

Based in Düsseldorf, we possess deep local market knowledge and a rich network, including public institutions, economic organizations, startups, and regional institutions, extending support primarily in Germany and also in France.

Familiarity with Local Market and Ecosystem:

Our headquarters in Düsseldorf allows us to stay updated with the latest market trends and ecosystem developments in Germany.

Experience with Public Sector Projects:

We have substantial experience and know-how from projects commissioned by public institutions like JETRO and various local governments (Shizuoka, Tokyo, Aichi, Sapporo), assisting Japanese/European companies in entering European /Japanese market and facilitating collaborations between Japanese and overseas companies.