At Researching Plus GmbH, we respond to a wide range of requests and requirements from our clients. Here are some examples of our past projects.

Public sector Projects

we support companies from Shizuoka aiming to expand into Germany as an Advisor of the Shizuoka Prefecture (SIBA : Shizuoka International Business Association)

Tokyo/Regional Economic Exchange Project (Collaboration Support with SMEs in NRW, Germany):
Identifying target companies and hosting online seminars to attract NRW companies to Tokyo. Conducting networking events for Tokyo companies and NRW companies to expand mutual business opportunities. This project is carried out in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, NRW Global Business, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of NRW.

Sapporo City/Foreign Investment Attraction:
Promoting Sapporo’s market potential and attractive environment to foreign companies. Handling individual inquiries and consultations from foreign companies interested in investing in Sapporo.

Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City/Business Innovation Acceleration through Foreign Company Attraction:
We scouted manufacturing companies from Germany and France to invite to an exhibition event in Aichi Prefecture. From these, we selected two companies to support their entry into the Japanese market. Simultaneously, we organized a business matching event between German and French companies interested in entering Japan and companies from Aichi Prefecture.

Ibaraki Prefecture/Online Business Matching with Promising Foreign Companies:
Aiming to attract European and American life sciences, IT, and robotics companies to Ibaraki. Conducting overseas company searches and online business matching between foreign companies and local businesses/research institutions.

JETRO Pre-Startup Mindset Program:
We arranged a student program for aspiring entrepreneurs from Japan, providing them with opportunities to interact with student startups in Germany and France, learn about the local ecosystems, and participate in pitch events.

Market Research

  • Market research for the European expansion in Germany and France. We found business partner in France and Germany and connected between Japanese and German/French companies (Air conditioning company)
  • European market research for a food-related startup targeting Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain(Food company)
  • European market research for deodorizing equipment using specialized technology in Germany and France(Health care company)
  • Ethical consumption trends in Germany(SME Support Japan)
  • Trend survey on exhibitions in Germany (JETRO)
  • Recipe development and photo shooting for new products (japanese food company)

— German Language Learning Materials: Arranged the shooting for “Wakuwaku Leipzig” (Asahi Press) German language materials Link.

Academic Projects

Sound Environment Survey in German Kindergartens

  • “Sound Environment Survey in German Childcare Facilities – Caregivers’ Awareness of Sound and Children’s Voices during Care” presented at the Acoustical Society of Japan by Noguchi Saki (Waseda Univ./Meiji Univ.), Yoshizawa Hisako (Düsseldorf Univ.), Sato Masayuki (Waseda Univ.), Konishi Tadashi (Toshi Univ.).
  • “Are Children’s Voices Noise? – Awareness Survey of Caregivers and Parents in Germany” published in the Proceedings of the Acoustical Society of Japan, Vol.13, No.1, April 2017.
  • Kindergarten inspections (forest kindergartens, Steiner kindergartens, Protestant kindergartens, public kindergartens).
  • Teacher interviews (appointments & interpretation).
  • Interviews with German mothers about child-rearing.
  • School architecture inspections designed by architect Hubner, including Steiner schools, public Hauptschule, and Gesamtschule, along with principal interviews and interpretation.

International Acoustics Congress (ICA) 2019 Presentation:

  • “The sound environment of German preschools and preschool teachers’ thoughts about sound generated by children” by Saki Noguchi, Hisako Yoshizawa, Masayuki Sato, Tadashi Konishi.

Policy Survey:

  • Investigation of language education policies across various German states.

For more detailed information, you may want to refer to the original documents or presentations.

Survey of Elderly Welfare Facilities in Germany

  • Elderly Welfare Facilities Inspection:Arranged and interpreted interviews with officials from the Düsseldorf City Welfare Department regarding the long-term care insurance system, including transcription and explanation of the system.
  • Japanese Long-term Care Welfare Society Training in Germany:Organized lectures, facility tours, and presentations by experts, including facility directors.
  • Publication:Contributed an article titled “Home Care in Germany – Who Provides the Care?” in the Journal of Japan Academy of Home Care, Vol.23, No.1, September 2019, pp. 24-30.


  • Translation at Hannover Messe (Software Company)
  • Translation for a delegation from Tokyo metropolitan government at slaughterhouses in Sachsen Region and fresh vegetable market in Hamburg.
  • Interviewed owners and managers of Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf, including appointments, interviews, interpretation, transcription, and creating a research report. Link.
  • Translation for inspections of fitness clubs (Sport Club Company).
  • Translation at Beauty Messe Düsseldorf.


—Planned, researched, and wrote a book on pairing German wine with Japanese cuisine, titled “Rediscovering German Wine.” Link.